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Wow Board
Wow Board Wow Board
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Wow Board

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The Wow Board enables children to take pride in their abilities, handle problems well, develop a healthy self-esteem and recognize all the good stuff that happens to them. By writing the good stuff down on the “Wow Board” a child can remember and reflect on their day and their week in a far more positive light.

Regular use of the 'WOW' board helps children to: 
  • develop a healthy self-esteem
  • take pride in their abilities
  • recognize the good things that happen to them
  • handle problems well
So how does your child use it? At the end of the day before your child goes to bed encourage them to write down what was good, what was great and what was wow about their day.  Good may be that they enjoyed their school lunch, great could be that they watched their favorite TV programme and wow maybe that they got house points at school. Your child can just enter something under good or wow if they want and if they had an okay day, then can write across the boxes ‘it was okay’. You can sit with your child or they can fill in the board on their own, whichever they prefer.  It could be kept in their bedroom or in a family room.  The best place would be where they see the board every day before school and before they go to bed to remind them how their day was. At the end of the week your child will be able to look at their Wow Board and see that good things happen to them.  They can then flip over the completed page ready for another week of positive things. The Wow Board can be used as and when you feel your child needs it or they can use it as part of their daily life.  A huge benefit is that your child is able to look back and remind themselves of the good things that have happened in previous weeks and see that life can be “WOW” There are six months of “Wow” pages within the pack. Wow Board measures 32cm x 24 cm, complete with full instructions.

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Keren from Herts   5 Stars
Hannah really loves filling in the board. It helps her remember what happened in her day.

Reviewer: Rachel from London   5 Stars
The WOW board has certainly improved the communication between us. I hear more now about her day than I ever have :-)

Reviewer: James's Dad from London   5 Stars
Using the WOW board has really boosted the way my son feels about life. He can see that good things happen to him!

Reviewer: Mrs B from London   5 Stars
My daughter is starting to feel good about who is and is generally happier. I caught her smiling when she was looking back at the weeks she had filled in!

Reviewer: Kristina from Herts   5 Stars
I love this board. I bought it a few weeks back. The board is brilliant actually. The great thing is everyone in the family wants to remember the great things and have a mention! I love it and have been considering having a page for the kids to fill in for me. Just to add to this - my daughter doesn't like eating sauce on her pasta and doesn't always use knife and fork. However, as she tried some sauce instead of saying yuk, we mentioned it on the wow board. The result was eating with knife and spoon, 2 bowls of spaghetti mixed with vegetable tomato sauce! It works wonders!