We like to think that our products and service are as good as you'll find anywhere, but don't just take our word for it! Here's a selection of reviews we've received from some of our happy customers.

Customer: michaela from birmingham  5 Stars

" the magnetic star charts are really great, so pleased with them. excellent service and fast delivery. totally brilliant."

Customer: Heather from FL  5 Stars

" "I use the Take Out Time Out mats everyday. I now have a disciplining method that works. I have been telling all of my friends about it. They love it too. " Heather, FL – Mother of two ages 3 and 7 "

Customer: Michelle from GA  5 Stars

" "Take Out Time Out is great! Now I am consistent with my disciplining. My son is behaving much better now. He knows that I always have the mat. I keep one mat at home and one in my bag for on the go needs." Michelle, GA – Mother of a 3 yr old boy "

Customer: Jackie from FL  4 Stars

" "I finally have a time-out spot. I use it mostly in the house and I use it everyday." Jacki, FL – Mother of two children ages 1 and 4 "

Customer: Michelle from MD  5 Stars

" "Thankfully I don't have to use TOTO too often because my son minds pretty well, but he certainly knows what TOTO is and what time out means. If he has done something bad, he'll go over to the mat and say "time out Mommie?" Having the mat has made disciplining consistent and easier!" Michelle, MD "

Customer: iParenting Media Awards' Reviewer from IP  5 Stars

" What are the positive characteristic of this product? I like that the product is a portable system to ensure consistency in a Time-Out discipline plan. It can be used at home or away and a child will know that a Time-Out can still happen even when they are out. It folds up easily to take along with you and is made of an easy to clean material. I like the suggestion that it can be used for toy time outs as well to help encourage sharing. iParenting Media Awards' Reviewer "

Customer: Busy NYC Mama! from NYC  5 Stars

" At first my strong willed daughter resisted sitting on the TOTO mat and demanded only going to her princess chair for time out. I let it go the first time but then one evening after running in the door from work, trying to get dinner on the table, manage making lunch for the next day and beginning the nightime routine, she began acting out, I told her that she had to have a time out on TOTO and she said NO, so, instead of fighting with her more, I simply placed the TOTO mat on the princess chair and she sat. Now TOTO is her recognized time out location and I can be consistent." signed, busy NYC mama! "

Customer: iParenting Media Awards' Reviewer from IP  5 Stars

" What are the positive characteristic of this product? I really like this product because it is durable, washable and portable in its convenient carrying case. It definitely helps me discipline my children because the time out is now consistent - we can take it to grandma's or a friend's house and it's still the same time out. I also like putting toys in time out. This worked better than I thought it would. iParenting Media Awards' Reviewer "

Customer: Jennefer from   5 Stars

" We have used the star stash this weekend. Kaiya has very proudly worn her pouch all weekend and loves earning stars. She even made her bed and picked up her room, brushed her teeth and washed her face yesterday morning before we left for church without having to be asked! I love it. Jennefer "

Customer: Chris from   5 Stars

" I just have to tell you this exciting news. My daughter who is saving stars to trade for a trip to the Zoo was using the magic eraser and scrubbing away at the walls so she can earn some stars. She was so excited that she did it! She's only three. I never could have motivated her to do it before. The walls are clean by A, the laundry rotated by L, the beds are made by J, the table is cleared and cleaned after breakfast by J...little effort on my part-huge efforts from them.. AMAZING! Thanks and at £9.99 each is just not enough to repay you. Chris "