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Star Stash Reward System
Star Stash Reward System
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Star Stash Reward System

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Star Stash Reward System
Positively reinforces good behaviour, helping to improve and ma
intain children's manners, respect, chores, grades, pottytraining, etc.
Encourages responsibility and builds sel
f esteem.
Teaches children the value of money, how to earn
, and how to save.
Teaches counting basics.  Counting in inc
rements of ten.
Provides a parenting plan, allowing the adult
 to consistently teach and reward children.
The Star Stash 
rewards system includes a Star Stash case for the child to carry rewarded stars. It can fit into a child's pocket, attach to a bag or can be worn around the neck or shoulder. Small drawstring tote is provided for adults to carry stars making it easy to use anytime, anywhere.
act available for download below.
Consistency is key!
Pack contains 20 x 1 Star Coins & 10 x 10 Star Coins

Star Stash Contract Here
Star Stash Guidelines Here

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: TD Monthly from www.toydirectory.com   5 Stars
This portable rewards system includes 10 ten-star coins, 20 one-star coins, one StarStash tote, and one carrying case for parents. It can fit into a child’s pocket, attach to a belt loop, or be worn around the neck or shoulder. The product allows children to receive rewards anytime, anywhere, and parents determine how stars can be redeemed, such as for a dollar amount, privileges or toys. The system can help children learn to count, understand the money system and save. And the tangible rewards encourage responsibility. "This is the only portable reward system that allows for complete consistency.

Reviewer: Staten Island Parent from Magazine   5 Stars
STAR STASH: A portable reward system designed for parents, teachers and caretakers to consistently teach and reward children, reinforcing good behavior. It allows for children to receive or redeem rewards anywhere and at anytime.Parents individually determine how each star can be redeemed and their value. The system builds self-esteem and confidence.

Reviewer: Katie Somerville from    5 Stars
What a difference Star Stash has made in our morning routine! Last year, I was constantly rushing my daughter off to school at the last minute. Since implementing the Star Stash reward system, she now gets dressed, feeds her fish, makes her bed, and brushes her hair and teeth before she even comes out of her room in the morning. And we both love that there's no nagging involved! Having the portable case that she is responsible for makes it all the more motivating for her. Thank you for bringing an easy method to our morning madness. Sincerely,

Reviewer: Chris from    5 Stars
I just have to tell you this exciting news. My daughter who is saving stars to trade for a trip to the Zoo was using the magic eraser and scrubbing away at the walls so she can earn some stars. She was so excited that she did it! She's only three. I never could have motivated her to do it before. The walls are clean by A, the laundry rotated by L, the beds are made by J, the table is cleared and cleaned after breakfast by J...little effort on my part-huge efforts from them.. AMAZING! Thanks and £9.99 each is just not enough to repay you.

Reviewer: Jennefer from    5 Stars
We have used the star stash this weekend. Kaiya has very proudly worn her pouch all weekend and loves earning stars. She even made her bed and picked up her room, brushed her teeth and washed her face yesterday morning before we left for church without having to be asked! I love it.