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Magnetic Star Reward Chart Large
Magnetic Star Reward Chart Large Magnetic Star Reward Chart Large
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Magnetic Star Reward Chart Large

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We all know children are little stars, but getting them to do what you need them to do when you need them to do it sometimes requires a little gentle persuasion. Our large Star Chart helps to do just that. It’s a great visual way to set tasks and show your children how far they are progressing towards being rewarded for their hard work. Parents set the tasks – there are 20 to choose from or you could use the dry wipe marker to write your own – ranging from going to bed on time, doing homework, tidying up toys or brushing teeth and you also set a target for how many stars must be achieved in a week. Every time your child successfully completes their task, they receive a star and accumulate them over a period of time with the ultimate goal being a reward at the end of it. You can use the dry wipe marker to fill in what each child’s individual reward will be so it’s fully bespoke and personalised. The chart features enough space and magnetic pieces for up to four children. It is bright and engaging, and above all, fully interactive. It can be hung on the wall so it’s visible to everyone. Includes dry wipe pen.
Age: 3-11 (31 x 37.5 cm, Pieces: 217)

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Steph from Huddersfield   5 Stars

was a little sceptical about buying a reward chart after reading some bad reviews on other charts. Then I came along this one which had the best reviews and no bad ones. So I thought I would purchase and see what i thought.

Arrived in good time and packaged well, I have been using the chart for a week and my son aged 5 loves it. He can't wait until the end of the day to put his stars on and count them up.

There's space for 4 children to use up to a week at a time, but as I only have one child I use the spaces to name as weeks - week 1 week 2 etc, so I can use the chart up to a month colour co-ordinating each week with the coloured stars. He's rewarded with money and in the last week we take a trip to a sweet shop or day out where he can spend his earned money - which is further learning! Overall this product is very useful, good quality and looks lovely.

Reviewer: Alex from Birmingham   5 Stars

My 23 month son loves this chart, he is very excited about getting stars, we were having problems with getting clothes on and off, ever since I bought this it has become very rare. He gets stars for different things like brushing teeth or saying please and thank you and gets a small reward at the end of the week. It's brilliant for us!

Reviewer: Teesha from London   5 Stars

We bought this chart for our daughter, who is three and a bit. She loves to get stars and we find that she responds much better to rewards than to punishments; her behaviour has really improved since we started using this chart regularly. The chart board is nice and strong and the "headings" cover a good wide range of tasks - we will be able to use the chart for a long time as it will stay revelant to her needs. We'll just alter the things she has to get stars for as she grows up. She enjoys sticking the stars on the chart. (We keep it well out of her reach on the wall so she can't add random ones on, though!) We review the stars she's got at the end of every day, and on Saturday or Sunday morning we do a count-up and she gets a Rainbow Drop sweet for every star she's achieved. The chart has a place to write in agreed star targets, so as she gets older she can bank the stars and save up for bigger rewards, but at the moment she's happy with pretty little sweeties and they're only 10p a packet! She gets a chocolate button bonus if she's had a really good week. The chart is designed to cater for up to four children, and there is also a pen with an eraser included to write on your own targets. It's well-made, and because it's reusable it pays for itself in a few weeks. Overall, three satisfied customers!